Moonwlkr THCv + Acv – Strawberry Acai 10mg


About THC-V Gummies
Let’s talk about the new kid on the block in the world of cannabis – THC-V. While THC and CBD have been making headlines for years, THC-V is the newest addition to the cannabinoid family.

Dubbed as “diet weed” or “weederall”, THC-V is known for its effects on increased energy, focus, and appetite suppression. While most people associate cannabis with increasing appetite, THC-V might have the opposite effect. Whether you are looking for an energy boost or a little help curbing that sweet tooth, these THC-V gummies may be just the thing for you!

These gummies have a fruity taste with hints of apple, strawberry, and acai. Each gummy contains 10mg of THC-V and 500 mg of Apple Cider Vinegar for an extra healthy punch.

If you would like a more in depth breakdown of THC-V, please check out our blog here.

20 gummies per bottle

10mg THCV + 500mg Apple Cider Vinegar

Zero THC

Sourced from 100% legal USA hemp

Lab tested for safety, purity, and potency

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