Hometown Hero Magic Muscaria


Hometown Hero Amanita Mushroom Blend Gummies
Kindle your inspiration and your creative flow with these Amanita mushroom gummies. Experience a curated blend of psychotropic mushrooms and adaptogens paired with the gentle sweetness of elderberries.

Amanita muscaria is a mushroom known for raising serotonin levels and has the potential to induce lucid dreaming. For added enhancement, these edibles contain a curated blend containing the following:

Lion’s mane for igniting clarity

Holy basil for added tranquility

Broad-spectrum CBD for comfort

With their gentle elderberry flavor and unique blend, these Amanita muscaria gummies are perfect for those eager to explore a new, captivating feeling.
Recommended Use:
Begin with ¼ of a gummy and wait at least 45 minutes to feel the effects before consuming more.

1 Gummy – Microdose – Mood Booster

2 Gummies – Relaxation, Mood Booster

3 Gummies – Relaxation, uplifted mood and introspective thoughts

4 Gummies – Intense serenity, introspective thoughts, uplifted mood, intensified senses
4 Gummies per pack

500mg Amanita muscaria per piece

100mg Lion’s mane extract per piece

100mg Holy basil per piece

25mg CBD (Broad Spectrum)

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