Enjoy Live Rosin Delta 9 THC 300mg Gummies 25ct


Indulge in Enjoy Hemps Delta 9 THC gummies, made special with premium live rosin. Live rosin is a clean extraction method that keeps important plant benefits intact, ensuring top-notch potency and flavor. Each gummy packs 12 mg of Delta 9 THC along with flavorful terpenes, totalling 300 mg across 25 pieces.

Flavors come in a mixed fruit variety, catering to various needs:

– Euphoria: for energy and joy with a sativa mix
– Boost: focus and energy with another sativa selection
– Bliss: a hybrid mix for a well-rounded, cheerful feeling
– Chill: for relaxation with an indica mix
– Cloud Nine: a unique sour indica blend for ultimate relaxation

Start with half a gummy, wait 90 mins before more. Limit yourself to 2 per session. Remember, edibles’ effects may take 90 minutes to appear, patience is key.

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Bliss (Hybrid), Chill (Indica), Euphoria (Sativa)


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