Enjoy Hemp – Raspberry Kush 3ml CBD Disposable Vape


This Raspberry Kush Indica vape combines CBD and CBN to help you drift into a peaceful, calming sleep.  Sleep better, wake up refreshed, and ready for the day ahead of you.
What is CBD?
CBD is a compound found in hemp plants that acts on receptors in the body to promote balance in various body functions. CBD is non-intoxicating on its own, so it doesn’t cause any euphoric effects.
What is CBN?
CBN (Cannabinol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is widely known as a sleep aid or a sedative. It is also shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and helps in pain relief.
Pure CBD Vapes (THC-Free)

3ml each

Fully Rechargeable with Pre-heat Function

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