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About 3chi True Strains Vape Pods
Discover the world of True Strains by 3CHI, these exclusive concoctions promise a variety of unique effects. Dive into the diversity each blend offers.

Every 2ml vape pod comes filled with transparent, unadulterated oil, containing approximately:

95% Cannabinoids – ∆8 THC, HHC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, ∆9 THCV, ∆4(8)-iso THC, ∆8-iso THC, ∆11 THC, CBT, ∆8 THCV, & other cannabinoids, some in trace quantities (THCB, CBDV, CBDB, etc.)

5% Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Consistent, Complex Blends for Maximum Effects
Rocketman: our creative powerhouse packed with HHC-dominant Sativa to inspire and energize your day.

Full Throttle: boosts your energy with its HHC-dominant Sativa blend, perfect for diving into tasks with newfound enthusiasm and sharpness, avoiding the paranoia typical of Delta 9 THC strains.

Cruise Control: our Hybrid strain, offers the balance needed to unwind and navigate your day with ease, gently easing stress for a smooth journey.

Space Cowboy: is our balanced Hybrid that promises a blissful adventure with its premium cannabinoids, ready to take you on a cosmic journey of joy and exploration.

Interstellar: our nighttime champion, crafted for relaxation with Indica, helps you escape and savor tranquility, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

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Additional information

Strain Name

– Cruise Control – 2ML Pod, – Full Throttle – 2ML Pod, – Interseller – 2ML Pod, – Rocket Man – 2ML Pod


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