Nanotechnology – With CBD oil and its products

The CBD market is interesting as there is new stuff that comes out daily! Some things that have been around for years are still not widely known about. Just as you might believe to be acquainted with all the terms related to cannabis and cannabinoids, another buzzword called nanoparticles comes to light.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology studies chemistry, engineering, and technologies at the nanoscale, or between 1 and 100 nanometers. In plain English, nanotechnology means reducing size to “nanoscopic” proportions. Although it may seem simple, a highly complex molecular process is needed.

A single CBD molecule would be 4440% smaller thanks to nanotechnology!

You might be questioning why it is necessary to undergo this procedure if it is so difficult. The theory behind nanotechnology is that by making the particles smaller, the body can absorb them more easily through the bloodstream. Compared to bigger microparticles, the technique produces nanoparticles that the human body quickly absorbs into the bloodstream.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology, which research and utilize very small entities, apply to all other scientific disciplines, including biochemistry, physics, materials engineering, etc.

Nanotechnology is not a recent development. In reality, it has been utilized for many years in producing vitamins, medications, and cosmetics. Nevertheless, it has more recently began to appear in the CBD market.

Evidence suggests CBD’s therapeutic potential is increased by nanotechnology.

About CBD Particles

Although mostly lipophilic, CBD particles also exhibit certain hydrophobic properties. The human body is a hydrophilic system. Therefore, human bodies resist a substantial amount of CBD in many circumstances, resulting in extremely poor bioavailability. This is an issue when people attempt to consume CBD. Thus, it is typically contained in carrier oil to increase CBD’s bioavailability in the body. Nevertheless, bioavailability is another benefit of nanotechnology.

CBD and Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is not new, many products work with this principle, CBD has more recently started to convert to nanoparticles using nanotechnology. These tiny particles of CBD enter the bloodstream easily which in turn increases the effects of the cannabinoid.

Studies have shown that CBD’s lipophilic properties allow it to break down or utilize nanotechnology. Note that molecules might theoretically be either hydrophilic or lipid soluble.

Hydrophilic essentially signifies that the particles attach to molecules made of water. The other, however, is an oil-based substance insoluble in water.

As stated earlier, by definition, CBD is lipophilic. Human bodies contain 70% water, which may make it difficult to absorb cannabidiol. Consider having a water glass and oils and expect them to blend well. This is the case with CBD. The body needs some time to absorb the cannabidiol ingredient. The overall lipophilicity of CBD prevents water molecules from attaching to it.

So how will the body absorb CBD oil? Nanotechnology can help with that.

When reduced to nanoparticle size, the cannabinoid behaves differently when in contact with water molecules. Esposito discovered that CBD nanoparticles were easily absorbed, especially when coated with a lipophilic substance, in a study he conducted for the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. Your body’s endocannabinoid system can quickly utilize CBD, and relatively little is lost or flushed from your system.

As a result, cannabinoids can be absorbed more quickly and easily. These nanoparticles significantly enhance the effects of CBD on the body.

Moreover, according to theory, because your body absorbs nano CBD products better, you will experience the effects more quickly after consuming them.

The Advantages of Nanoparticle CBD

Nanotechnology was developed through extensive scientific research, and this work is now being applied to produce a superior CBD product that the body can readily absorb. In essence, employing nanoparticle CBD encourages your body to utilize all of the CBD rather than flushing out a large percentage since it cannot readily absorb the molecules. The benefits of CBD nanoparticles are as follows:

• Significantly increases bioavailability

• Needs a lower dose to be effective

• Feel the effects quickly so you can completely appreciate the therapeutic advantages.

• Water-soluble, making it more favorable to humans

Nano CBD at CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman’s patented nanotechnology simply reduces the CBD’s particle size to produce water-soluble CBD. In contrast to “full-spectrum” hemp oil, nano CBD is a CBD isolate in which the terpenes are removed from the oil during the extraction process.

Our water soluble CBD solutions are full spectrum and include all the terpenes and cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant natively, unlike nano CBD oil. So if you want full spectrum CBD that are nanoparticles, look no further than American Shaman’s CBD!

Come in today and get started on healthier you! Our hours are Monday thru Saturday, 11AM – 7PM and Sunday 11AM – 6PM. If you have any questions regarding Nano CBD, or any of our CBD products, please give us a call at (512) 386-1873.

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